Month: June 2020

Will Cavity Treatment Change Your Appearance?

Without a restorative dental procedure, a cavity will continue to erode your tooth structure. That damage leads to problems with infection, which can lead to both the loss of your tooth and the potential spread of harmful bacteria to other parts of your body. With treatment, the cavity can be stopped and carefully removed before… Read more »

Problems With Stress Management Can Affect Your Smile

Having problems controlling your stress levels? If you are, you should know that the issue can begin to affect your dental health. One reason for this is because stress can create problems for your energy levels, and may encourage changes in your diet that negatively affect your ability to prevent tooth decay. You can also… Read more »

Restorative Dental Work And Its Impact On Your Bite Function

Just one unhealthy tooth can make it more difficult for you to bite and chew, particularly if there is an issue with infection or physical harm. When you are not able to bite and chew food comfortably, you can develop a compromised bite that leads to chronic pain, and you can also start to overuse… Read more »

Are You Doing Enough To Maintain Your Periodontal Health?

When you review the long-term consequences associated with gum disease, you can understand why preventive periodontal care should be an important part of your oral hygiene routine. People who allow problems with gingivitis to progress to a more severe form of gum disease can be vulnerable to tissue damage affecting their soft tissues and bone… Read more »

How Has Tooth Loss Affected Your Daily Life?

Losing just one tooth can change your life in ways that are difficult to ignore…and also difficult to avoid. Tooth loss is not always an urgent cosmetic concern, as missing teeth in the back of your mouth can be harder to observe. However, it can be difficult to adjust to life with an incomplete smile… Read more »