Month: May 2020

Making Positive Adjustments To Your Daily Oral Care Routine

How much thought have you recently given to your oral care routine? Many people grow comfortable with their habits, and do not give them a second thought…until they learn they have a cavity that requires treatment! If you take the time to evaluate your normal habits and look for ways to improve your oral health… Read more »

You Can Show Off A Confident Smile After Dental Work

What can you do to preserve your appearance when you need to have dental work done? Will it be possible for you to still show off a natural, attractive smile if you have a dental filling or dental crown in a visible space? Our West Allis, WI dentist’s office has experience restoring injured teeth, and… Read more »

Poor Oral Health Can Make Bad Breath A Frequent Problem

The wrong meal can wreak havoc on a person’s breath even if they have great oral health. However, if you are dealing with certain issues affecting your smile, problems with halitosis may affect you frequently no matter what you may have eaten. It is possible for bad breath to serve as one of many signs… Read more »

How Vulnerable Are You To Tartar Buildup?

You should be concerned about tartar buildup, as this substance can increase your risk for dental problems and also cause unwelcome changes in your appearance if deposits form in visible spaces. Even if tartar deposits remain hidden, they can make a person more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease over time, and they can… Read more »