Month: March 2019

Is Teeth Staining an Oral Health Issue?

You may notice over time that the bright shade of your teeth has begun to fade. This is often due to staining in your dental enamel. The enamel is an important part of your tooth, as it protects the sensitive inner pulp of your tooth. Wear in your enamel is usually the result of bacteria,… Read more »

Don’t Limit Yourself After Tooth Loss

As an adult, tooth loss can be scary and uncomfortable. Your teeth are precious assets, and losing one can be frustrating, in addition to all of the trauma that accompanies tooth loss. Once you lose a tooth, you may think that you’ll be forced to live a compromised life, working around your complication. However, you… Read more »

Avoid Root Canals by Treating Cavities Right Away

The phrase “root canal” can be scary for many people. It conjures anxiety and images of swollen jaws. What exactly is a root canal though? Technically, the procedure is known as “root canal therapy” because it is a treatment to remove infection from your root canals. Your root canals are pathways that connect the blood… Read more »

It’s Dental Assistant Recognition Week

A dental practice relies on a versatile staff to run smoothly. While your dentist has years of experience and technical knowledge, a team of dental assistants and hygienists make it possible for everyone to receive quality care. This week is Dental Assistant Recognition Week! This is a chance to acknowledge the great and valuable work… Read more »