Month: November 2018

Will I Have to Lose My Damaged Tooth?

If you’ve suffered tooth loss as an adult, you know how stressful this condition can be. It causes both physical and emotional pain, and changes the way you’re able to consume food. It also causes social discomfort, and treatment can be costly. So if you have a tooth that is physically damaged or decayed, you… Read more »

Do Dental Stains Hold You Back?

Dental staining is a common occurrence that affects many people throughout their adult life. Over time, your teeth can pick up stains from the food and drinks that you consume. Your lifestyle habits, such as smoking, can also contribute to dental staining. Staining can create teeth that are yellow or discolored in appearance. This blemish… Read more »

Replace Your Missing Tooth Pronto

Tooth loss as an adult carries with it many significant ramifications for your oral health. If you’ve experienced tooth loss, you know the immediate effect that it has. You feel embarrassed about your missing tooth (or teeth) and you want to hide your smile. Beyond physical appearances, your missing tooth can cause problems when it… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy Is Essential for Oral Health

Root canal therapy gets a reputation as being an uncomfortable, arduous procedure. It’s the epitome of a rough dental treatment. For that reason, you may feel apprehensive about undertaking root canal therapy. However, hold off on or avoiding a root canal procedure is the worst thing you can do for the health of your tooth…. Read more »