Month: August 2018

What Does Root Canal Therapy Actually Do?

When your dentist tells you that you need an additional procedure to repair your tooth, you may get skeptical initially. Of course you don’t want to have to make more appointments and spend extra time in the dentist’s chair, but your dentist only advises treatment that is essential to your health. When your dentist tells… Read more »

You’ll Be Glad You Handled That Cavity Now

When you receive bad news — and especially when you think you’re going receive bad news — it can be easy to put the whole situation off. You want to avoid pain and hassle, but when it comes to your oral health, this will only cause you more problems. Tooth decay and infection are products… Read more »

Skipping Your Dental Exam? Not So Fast

You’re busy. Everyone’s busy. When you have a full schedule, something’s gotta give. It can be easy to let certain obligations (especially ones that you’re maybe less excited about) slip from the schedule. If you’re considering skipping out on your next dental exam, or you’ve made a habit of putting off checkups, not so fast…. Read more »

Trust a Skilled Dentist with Dental Implants

Adult tooth loss is no longer the lifelong burden that it used to be. Dental implants have made it possible to make essentially a full recovery from tooth loss. Implants provide durable tooth replacement. Esthetically they look like your original tooth, and they have the bite power that you need to feel confident in them…. Read more »