Month: June 2018

Find Out More About Dental Bridges

Whether it’s sudden, or it’s been a long time coming, tooth loss is never ideal. You only have one set of adult teeth, and losing one or more of them can be a physically and psychologically painful experience. While you may not be prepared for tooth loss itself, you can prepare yourself for the next… Read more »

Root Canals Can Be Prevented

You probably associate the phrase “root canals” with the dental treatment. That’s because you often only think about your teeth’s root canals when you need this sort of procedure. In fact, root canals are a part of your tooth. They’re located down beneath your gums, and they’re incredibly vulnerable. Your root canals can be at… Read more »

Modern Dental Fillings Are Easier than Ever

If you’re a person who struggles to make and keep dentist appointments because they make you nervous or anxious, you need all the help you can get. You may realize how important these appointments, but the fear of the process, or the hassle of scheduling makes it hard to follow through. Modern dental procedures actually… Read more »

Why Dental Exams Are so Valuable

It’s easy for dentist appointments to start to feel like something you just sort of have to do. You show up every six months for a checkup, and (if you’re lucky) then you head on your way. However, these biannual visits are so valuable! During your regular dental exam, your dentist has the ability to… Read more »