Month: April 2018

A Dental Crown Can Be Easy

Whenever you think about undertaking a dental procedure, you may start to go down a rabbit hole of concerns and questions. It’s easy to think of dental treatments as being complex, painful, or hassle-inducing. However, when you work with the right team, any dental procedure can become easy and straightforward. Finding a good care situation… Read more »

Does Your Smile Dazzle?

How do you feel about your smile? Do you find that you light up in photographs and conversations? Or does anxiety about the state of your teeth hold you back from sharing your beautiful grin with the world? If you would like to feel better about the appearance of your smile, there’s good news. Modern… Read more »

A Dental Bridge May Be for You

What can you do to recover from tooth loss? It’s bound to be the only thought on your mind after suffering from this condition. While you only have one set of adult teeth, you do have options for recovery after something happens. Restorative dentistry can return your teeth to their healthy state, or offer a… Read more »

Is it Time for Root Canal Therapy?

Warning signs and symptoms are two different things when it comes to your oral health. You brush your teeth and floss regularly to prevent bacteria from growing and causing problems. If you fall behind on your home care routine, you may not notice the effects right away. That’s because tooth decay takes time. There aren’t… Read more »