Month: June 2017

Brighten And Whiten That Smile For Summer

Summer is the season when everything gets a little lighter and brighter. Summertime is a season for smiling. If you are looking to brighten up your appearance, whitening your teeth could be the place to start. It can be an easy process that makes a huge difference. There are over-the-counter and even DIY remedies using… Read more »

Smile-Healthy Summer Snack Ideas

Now that summer has officially kicked off, you might find yourself spending more time away from home. That likely means spending more time in the wonderful but warm outdoors. To keep cool, you may be packing lots of picnics or attending neighborhood pool parties. Have you considered what options are healthiest for fueling your summer… Read more »

Are You Overdue for a Preventive Dental Checkup?

When was the last time you remember seeing the dentist for a checkup and cleaning? Did you have a different haircut, even a different last name? In other words, has it been several years since you last went in for a preventive appointment? Even if your smile is showing no signs of dental problems, you… Read more »

Want a Really White Smile? Could Be Time to See a Cosmetic Dentist

Are you constantly trying to hide your teeth from others, solely because of the deep stains that have developed on the surface of your teeth? Many people notice discoloration developing, particularly as they age. The speed of staining can be particularly troubling for people that drink a great deal of coffee, certain wines and teas,… Read more »