Month: March 2016

What Damages Your Tooth Enamel?

Tooth decay and cavities are two of the most common dental conditions across all ages – from children to seniors. Most people are aware that an excessive consumption of sugars can lead to cavities, but are unaware of how this actually happens. Before the cavity can form, tooth decay forms and begins eroding the tough… Read more »

Understanding The Causes Behind Tooth Loss

As children, we end up losing majority of our teeth (besides molars) at some point – although new, ‘permanent’ teeth always replaced the holes they left behind. However, if you lose an adult tooth, the circumstances are quite different. There are three leading causes behind tooth loss; advanced periodontitis (gum disease), severe tooth decay, and… Read more »

Cavities: The Importance Of Early Detection

Cavities are formed from tooth decay that wears through the outer layer of your tooth (enamel). Once the decay reaches the softer, inner layers of your tooth (dentin), it creates the holes that are known as cavities. If left without treatment, a cavity can begin to spread and infect other parts of your inner tooth… Read more »

When Do You Need An Emergency Dentist?

A dental emergency should be dealt with immediately as it’s often the difference between losing or saving your tooth. Unfortunately, accidents so rarely occur at convenient times – like during normal business hours. Depending on the situation, you may need to visit an emergency dentist. It can be difficult to differentiate between emergent and non-emergent… Read more »