Month: July 2015

Dentures: The Basics

Whether you are staring at one open space in your smile or a full arch of missing teeth when you look in the mirror, your reflection can cause you to feel completely overwhelmed. The good news is that we offer full and partial dentures to patients who are looking for immediate tooth replacement (and, of… Read more »

When To Choose A Dental Bridge

Have you been looking into your options for replacing the teeth you have lost? This is often a long journey for patients who are not quite sure where to begin, since there are so many available and wonderful solutions. If you have been considering restoring the structure and beauty of your smile with a dental… Read more »

How Many Teeth Can Implants Replace?

Have you been looking into replacing your missing teeth? If so, we are happy you have made this decision. Completing your smile provides you with a long list of advantages, including protecting your smile alignment, protecting your jaw health, improving your confidence, and improving your ability to eat and speak. Fortunately, if you’re considering dental… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Root Canal Therapy

The only thing worse than finding out you have an infected tooth may be receiving the news that you need a root canal. First of all, we understand that scheduling your root canal therapy to save your tooth may cause you some serious anxiety. However, we would like to provide you with much-needed knowledge that… Read more »