Month: May 2015

Oral Cancer: Not Just For Smokers

Here is a startling fact: about 25 percent of people diagnosed with oral or oropharyngeal cancers neither drink nor smoke. It may be stereotypical, but when you think of oral cancer you think of a middle-aged man with a cigar hanging out of his mouth. That’s not the case.  Oral cancer is on the rise,… Read more »

Advanced Technology For Your Teeth

Advances in dentistry are being made all the time. There are active studies, research, material design, and procedural developments happening as we speak. You may not give much thought to the field of dentistry, but the field of dentistry gives much thought to its consumers. Your teeth are important to your overall health, and dental… Read more »

Brushing Up On The Basics

They say that time is speeding up, literally. But you know why your days fly by so quickly, because you are so busy. Always in a hurry, you’re running the kids to school, yourself to work, back to get the kids from school, drop them at soccer practice, band practice or cheerleading, make a quick… Read more »

Dental Facts For Seniors

Are you afraid that as you age you will need dentures? If you take care of your teeth you may not. Losing your teeth is not a natural part of aging. The major reason for tooth loss is periodontal disease and, in most cases, periodontal disease can be avoided. More and more people are keeping… Read more »