Month: February 2015

Advanced Technology for Improved Dental Care

You may wonder why we encourage you to come in for preventive care twice a year. While we certainly enjoy your company, our goal is always to guide you toward good oral health and away from potential problems that may cause discomfort or damage. When it comes to dental checkups, we offer advanced technology for… Read more »

Preventive Care At Home: A Quiz

You know that visiting us at least twice a year for checkups and dental cleanings is extremely important to keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. As for our contribution to your oral health, we have the techniques and instruments to thoroughly remove plaque from your teeth, while monitoring changes before damage occurs. But do you… Read more »

Why You Need Root Canal Therapy

If you suffer from a severe cavity or some other type of damage that exposes your tooth’s roots, bacteria may easily make an entrance into these lower chambers of your teeth. Unfortunately, the result is often an infection that requires restorative care. The good news? We offer gentle root canal therapy to clear the infection… Read more »

Porcelain Veneers: Clearing Up Common Concerns

If you have been thinking about porcelain veneers for your smile makeover you are probably already aware of their many benefits. From covering up minor problems like chips or cracks to filling spaces between teeth and offering a whiter smile, this cosmetic treatment is full of advantages. However, we often find that patients become concerned… Read more »