The Varied Advantages Of Implants

Implant Guy Stubbs West Allis WIThe thought of losing one of your existing natural teeth may seem disheartening, but in some situations, it is a step in the right direction. If you are facing an extraction procedure, take some time to learn about your options. Traditional methods of appliance-based prosthodontic repair include the placement of a dental bridge, which derives strength from the teeth on either side of the gap. But what if you are expecting more instances of tooth loss in the future?

At Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI, we offer our patients dental implants, which center around an unparalleled connection to the bone tissue within your jaw. A threaded metal post is placed at your location of tooth loss, and as you heal, the bone grows tightly around it. Speak with your provider today to determine whether this course of action is suitable for your needs. This could be the start of your path toward a more secure bite!

How Dental Implants Work To Renew Your Smile After An Extraction

The key to a dental implant process lies in the titanium post that serves as the foundation for your repair. Through an amazing mechanism known as osseointegration, your body allows this metal to remain alongside your natural material. Instead of seeing this as a foreign object, the immune system protects this post, and grows alongside it.

As you heal, the connection becomes stronger, and can then support the rigor of daily chewing and speaking. If you happen to damage your new prosthetic, or if it becomes uncomfortable, it can be changed out with another one. The post will remain, whereas the attachment can be readily replaced or modified.

There Is Added Versatility In Your New Implant Solution

Another helpful aspect of a dental implant option is through its versatility. With appliance-based prosthodontic solutions, further instances of tooth loss can jeopardize the entire repair. Dental bridges rely upon the strength of your surrounding teeth.

A biocompatible implant instead finds its footing through a connection to the jaw. If you require more bone tissue to support your solution, grafting can help you to prepare for the placement of the metal post. These posts can connect to a number of possibilities, up to and including a full mouth of implant-supported dentures!

Restoring Your Smile In West Allis

For more information or to schedule an appointment for a dental implant consultation, speak with Dr. Stubbs, in West Allis, WI at (414) 541-8250. This approach brings lasting benefits to your smile, and your single-tooth solution can be expanded to include future instances of tooth loss, up to a new set of implant-supported dentures. These bring you a secure connection that is designed to last. Say goodbye to messy adhesives with a different method, and discover the advantages of dental implantology!