Restoring Your Broken Tooth

Arms Guy West Allis WIThe damage of one or more or your natural teeth is one of the worst feelings you can imagine, even if it doesn’t hurt. The sinking stomach that can come with knowing that you have injured yourself can be devastating, if you are not prepared. When this happens, quickly speak to a trusted emergency dental provider about how to best gather any teeth and any stray pieces of your tissue and head to the office.

Damage from other sources can also lead to the need for restorative dentistry. If you have weakened teeth as a result of decay or enamel erosion, speak with a provider about your options in repair before an infection sets in within the soft tissue of your tooth. This situation can leave you with a nasty toothache that may require a root canal treatment or even an extraction, so be careful with the health of your existing enamel. Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI can help you to be proactive!

Determining The Root Cause Of Your Enamel Damage

One of the first steps in your path to dental wellness is to schedule an appointment with a qualified dental health provider, so that you can receive a visual examination and full set of your necessary imagery. When you skip your semiannual checkups, you place yourself at a higher risk of serious harms such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. If you have an area in which the underlying dentin is exposed, bacteria could flood the area and cause a serious infection that you cannot simply brush away.

Everyone should see a provider at least every six months, so if it has been longer than this, take the time to schedule an appointment and make your way back to a positive dental path.

Restorative Options For Your Smile, So You Stay Safe

The internal infection of a tooth is no small matter, so if you have chipped or broken a piece of your smile, do not wait to seek repair. Even small cracks and breaks can allow microorganisms to make their way within and start to grow, so make the effort before you start to experience dental pain. Once you start to feel those sensations, it may be too late to repair your instance without the use of a root canal treatment procedure, so use the opportunity you have right now to avoid this process.

Helping You To Retain Your Own Natural Teeth After Damage

For more information or to schedule an appointment, speak with Dr. Stubbs, in West Allis, WI at (414) 541-8250. The repair of your broken or cracked tooth is vital to the lasting strength of your smile, so make the effort early in the process, and avoid further harm.