3 Things To Know About Tooth Extraction

One reason to take preventive dental care seriously is that it will help you avoid potential problems that become serious enough to make tooth extraction necessary. When problems like advanced dental decay reach a certain point, you can be left with no option but to have a problem tooth removed and replaced. While our West Allis, WI dentist’s office is prepared to take care of you and prevent this, we are also here to help when it does become necessary. Because our approach to this service includes the application of a stimulating material that helps you recover sooner, we can help you proceed to prosthetic treatment in less time and regain your full smile!

1. Extracting A Problem Tooth Can Preserve Your Overall Oral Health

If you have a tooth affected by advanced decay, removing it will take away the risk that its infection will lead to the spread of bacteria. Stopping this can preserve your overall oral health, as you will not have to worry about harmful microbes passing through its roots to cause issues elsewhere. Of course, removing the problem tooth also means you no longer have to feel discomfort from it, something you can certainly appreciate.

2. We Can Help You Move From Extraction To The Restoration Of Your Full Smile In Less Time

Because our practice provides a treatment to stimulate recovery in the surrounding bone after we extract your tooth, we can help you proceed to prosthetic work in less time. This does more than just provide you with a complete smile again in less time. It also allows you to arrange the work that will help you preserve your natural bite function, which helps you sustain your oral health.

3. Timely Dental Exams Can Lead To Treatments Before Extractions Have To Take Place

Remember that extractions can often be avoided when timely dental services are provided. At your regular dental exams, we can provide you with updates about the state of your smile. When problems with cavities or gum disease are identified, we can talk about treatment options before there is a risk that your tooth might be lost. Of course, these visits are also capable of making those problems less likely to occur.

Our West Allis, WI Dentist’s Office Can Take Care Of You If You Need A Tooth Extracted

In the event that you need to undergo a tooth extraction, know that Stubbs Family Dentistry is prepared to help you. Through the careful extraction of your tooth and treatment with a stimulating agent for the bone, we can help you recover from a serious dental issue and even move forward with prosthetic work in less time. If you would like to learn more, please contact your West Allis, WI, dentist, Dr. Stubbs, by calling 414.541.8250.