Using An At-Home Whitening Treatment

If you want to whiten your teeth at home, do you have to rely on store bought treatment options? While it may be convenient to swing by a grocery store or pharmacy to pick one up, the whitening kits that are available on the shelves can let you down by only offering limited improvements. To see more exciting results, talk to your West Allis, WI dentist about teeth whitening treatment. We offer kits that make home care possible. With that said, we provide treatments that are personalized, and that offer more striking improvements than commercially available treatments.

Can You Really See Results From A Whitening Treatment You Use At Home?

A store bought whitening kit can help you improve your smile color, but the results can be less than thrilling. These products can have less noticeable effects because they can have limited impact beyond removing recently acquired stains. Your dentist can provide whitening agents that are safe but still potent enough to deliver better changes. Patients who come to us for help also receive personalized trays that make the application of these agents easier.

Bringing Home A Whitening Kit Provided By Your Dentist

The teeth whitening kits that we offer at our practice contain customized trays and bleaching agents that are formulated to give you real results. The application of these materials can make your enamel many shades whiter, as they can effectively remove stains that have gathered over time. The trays help you administer the gels, which should remain on your teeth for thirty to forty-five minutes each day. Typically, two weeks of daily treatments will be enough to deliver results!

Should You Look Into Other Cosmetic Treatment Options?

You have more to worry about than just stains when it comes to dental discoloration. Your dentist can let you know if you need to find a solution for intrinsic discoloration, a problem with your tooth structure that affects the color of your smile. We can correct this problem by using porcelain veneers. This service has additional benefits. It can also correct problems with damage, hide flaws caused by poor alignment, and make changes to teeth that look misshapen and generally out of place.

Talk To Your West Allis, WI Dentist About A Whitening Treatment

Stubbs Family Dentistry is ready to help patients who want to do something about dental discoloration. While store bought products can have a limited impact on the way you look, they can fail to deliver the results that you really want to show off. A professional whitening treatment can deliver the results that you are actually looking for. We can offer this and other services that are capable of making a big impact on your smile. For more information, call our West Allis, WI dentist’s office at 414.541.8250!