Diabetes And Your Oral Health

Smile White BG West Allis WIIf you have diabetes, it is important for you to understand how this affects your smile. This condition affects more than 37 million Americans, so at least one in ten people in this country are diabetic, and the number continues to rise. Even with the increased prevalence of both Type I and Type II, there are still some misconceptions about how it impacts your health. You might not be aware of how untreated glucose levels can harm your dentistry!

With our team of preventive dental experts in West Allis, WI, you can keep the focus on your oral health through routine examinations, so if you are diabetic, be sure that you stick to your schedule. Elevated glucose levels in your bloodstream can impact the quality of your smile in a few different ways, and your provider can help you to make the right decisions in avoiding periodontal disease and even tooth loss. Learn more about how to protect your smile as a diabetic with a checkup at the dentist!

Your Condition Requires Maintenance To Avoid Lasting Dental Complications

When you are diabetic, it may seem like there is an additional level of care that you have to put into every activity. If you have only recently received a diagnosis, you will come to learn how to listen to your body, as certain activities and foods can really affect your blood sugar. By closely monitoring your numbers, you give yourself the ability to keep yourself on a more even level throughout the day.

One area in which your condition can play a significant role is in your oral health. For a few different reasons, uncontrolled blood glucose can seriously impact your smile, so be sure to talk with both your dentist and a qualified diabetes educator about ways to keep yourself safe and maintain your natural smile.

Stick To Your Schedule Of Checkups To Keep an Eye On Your Dental Needs

As a diabetic, your appointments with the dentist for a cleaning and examination are important tools in maintaining your smile and retaining as much of your healthy natural material as possible. With your condition, you are more likely to experience serious gum disease and even tooth loss, so make the effort in seeing your provider. By keeping to your timeline, you give yourself the opportunity to identify any complications as they start to arise. If it has been a while since your last appointment, we would love to see you!

Schedule Your Next Appointment With Our Team In West Allis, WI

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to a significant deterioration of your smile. To learn more about treatment, or to set aside some time for your next checkup, give us a call at Stubbs Family Dentistry at (414)541-8250!