How Crown Lengthening Can Benefit You

There are different services that our West Allis, WI dentist can offer to patients who are looking to improve their appearance and oral health. You can find yourself surprised at just how many ways there are for us to make positive changes to your smile, but it can be a relief to learn that we can address your particular needs. One service we can provide is crown lengthening, which carefully manipulates gum tissues to reveal more of the tooth structure beneath. With this treatment, we can help people feel better about how they look, and we can prepare you for successful restorative treatment.

Are You Bothered By Teeth That Look Short Or Squat?

One issue that sometimes makes patients self-conscious is the appearance of teeth that seem too short of squat, a problem often caused by uneven or excess gum tissues. The right way to resolve this problem can be to clear away gums that surround a tooth to reveal more of the structure. In addition to lengthening the appearance of teeth in this way, we can make corrections that improve your appearance by smoothing out the tissues so that you can show off a more uniform look.

What Crown Lengthening Can Do For Your Smile And Oral Health

Crown lengthening calls for conservative oral surgery to clear away tissues that cover too much of certain teeth that look unattractive due to their apparent short appearance. With the removal of these tissues, we can also smooth out areas that are uneven, bringing about a more symmetrical appearance. While you may think of crown lengthening as a purely cosmetic service, you should know that there are oral health issues that can be resolved with the performance of this service. For example, we can recommend it when we need to make sure a dental crown will have the support it needs as it covers a vulnerable tooth.

Reviewing Other Services That Can Improve How You Look

There are different strategies that we can recommend when patients come to ask us about cosmetic dentistry. The options for treatment vary, which means we can take on different concerns. In addition to crown lengthening, we can take on concerns about teeth that look awkward due to their size, shape, or even their color by placing porcelain veneers, permanent and conservative restorations that are custom-made for individual patients.

Talk To Your West Allis, WI Dentist About Crown Lengthening!

Through crown lengthening, we can help make a patient’s smile more attractive by responding to problems that can be linked to issues with excess or uneven periodontal tissues. If you are ready to learn more about this service, reach out to Dr. Stubbs in West Allis, WI, by calling our practice at (414) 541-8250.