Crown Lengthening

Periodontal Surgery For Crown Lengthening

What Is Crown Lengthening?

It is a periodontal surgery that consists of your dentist removing some of your gum tissue in order to make your teeth look longer. Moreover, your oral health professional can make your gum line more even by precisely sculpting it. Outside of aesthetic reasons, crown lengthening can also serve restorative purposes. If you need a crown to cover a damaged tooth, but you do not have enough tooth exposed, lengthening can provide a larger surface to support the placement. This procedure can also provide ongoing preventive benefits, as a more exposed tooth increases the efficacy of your brushing and flossing.

A Simple Surgical Procedure

While needing oral surgery can seem daunting, crown lengthening is routine and can be performed relatively quickly. We go to great lengths to ensure your comfort, so you will be appropriately sedated during the procedure. Once we remove the necessary gum tissue, we will provide you with thorough aftercare instructions that will help make your recovery as straightforward as possible. Immediately after surgery, just be sure to rest, take any medications prescribed, and apply an ice pack as needed to reduce swelling.

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