Dental Crowns Protect Present and Future

If you manage to make it through your entire life without encountering any damage or decay to your teeth, you’re one of the few. It’s completely natural for your teeth to wear down over time. Bacterial buildup, acidic foods and drinks, and accidents can all damage your teeth. When you experience one or multiple of these things, you need a restoration that protects your vulnerable teeth and allows you to continue enjoying the aesthetic and functional qualities that your teeth provide. Dental crowns are durable solutions that protect present and future.

When You’ve Got a Vulnerable Tooth, You Need Protection Right Away

While regular dental visits and home care can help keep you in the clear, things happen. You may suffer an accident in which you severly chip or crack a tooth. Or, you may fall out of the habit of attending dental exams. In either case, your teeth can suffer. If you’ve got a severely damaged or decayed tooth, a simple cosmetic procedure or dental filling may not be enough. You need protection that will keep the vulnerable tooth safe and viable. A dental crown is the right call. Custom-made to fit the shape and size of your teeth, your dental crown sits atop a damaged tooth and acts an immediate fix to stop the tooth from suffering more damage.

Your Dental Crown Is Made to Last, Protecting You from Future Damage

In addition to halting whatever vulnerability you’re presently experiencing, your dental crown protects the future of your tooth too. Removing and replacing a tooth comes at significant expense and effort. If you can save your natural tooth, this is the best option. A dental crown allows your tooth to recover and persist after an accident, root canal, or severe cavity.

Dr. Stubbs Family Dentistry Can Fit You for a Dental Crown Today

If you’ve been suffering from pain in a tooth, you need to talk to your dentist. This pain won’t get better on its own. If you’re suffering from bacterial infection or physical damage, Dr. Stubbs and his experienced team can fit you for a protective dental crown. To schedule your appointment with the pros at Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI, contact the office at 414-541-8250.