3 Reasons To Stop Putting Off Prosthetic Dental Work

If you choose to simply live life with an incomplete smile, you may be accepting more than just an incomplete smile. While the cosmetic effect of tooth loss can be significant, you also need to be aware that your tooth loss can also impact your ability to bite and chew. Choosing to “work around” a gap can cause you discomfort, and it can lead to chronic aches and pains that affect your jaw, face, and head. People with one missing tooth also have to face a heightened risk for losing more teeth over time. At our West Allis, WI dentist’s office, patients who want to make their smile complete once again can discuss treatment through implant dentistry. With an implant to hold your prosthetic, you can have an easier time biting and chewing while also feeling a renewed confidence in how you look!

1. Your Restored Smile Will Make Biting And Chewing Easier

Trying to bite and chew with a missing tooth can be difficult. If you have several teeth missing, you may have already given up some of your favorite items because they are difficult to enjoy. By restoring your full smile, you can have a less difficult time performing ordinary dental functions. Because of this, you can start to enjoy a more varied diet. You can also return to a more natural bite movement that lowers your risk for TMJ problems.

2. You Can Feel Better About Your Smile

A missing tooth can negatively affect how people see you. The sight of a gap in your smile can make you seem older and less healthy, and it can make you feel less attractive overall. Even if you feel relatively confident in your ability to hide a gap in your smile, you can still feel self-conscious and worry that others are able to detect it. Once a lifelike prosthetic appliance is secured to your implant, you can smile and speak with a renewed feeling of comfort and confidence.

3. Dental Implants Help You Avoid Jawbone Deterioration

Over time, tooth loss can create new problems for you because of jawbone deterioration. These issues are connected because the loss of teeth means the loss of roots to stimulate your jaw. That absence stops the movement of nutrients to the area surrounding a tooth’s roots, which leads to deterioration over time. If this problem occurs, it can negatively affect your oral health and also cause changes in the way you look.

Our West Allis, WI Dentist’s Office Can Arrange Your Prosthetic Treatment

Through treatment for tooth loss, our practice can give you more confidence in your smile and dental function! If you have questions about implant dentistry, or if you want to learn more about other restorative dental services that we offer, contact Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI at 414-541-8250.