Ensuring Your Dental Crown Fits

When something is off with your teeth, you can feel it. Whether there’s a piece of food stuck somewhere or you’re experiencing oral pain, you know when something isn’t quite right. That’s because your bite is a finely tuned machine. If a piece (a tooth) of that machine isn’t working just right, it causes problems for the rest of your teeth. This makes it important that you seek treatment for teeth that are damaged, but it also means that said treatment needs to fit alongside your other teeth. So, how does your dentist ensure that a dental restoration like a dental crown fits alongside your other teeth.

Dental Crowns Are Made to Fit Like Natural Teeth

Dental crowns are a versatile restoration that can be used to address any number of different oral health conditions. Dental crowns are made to look and feel like natural teeth by design. Your crown will be fabricated to look like the tooth it is protecting, then it will be placed on top of the base of the damaged tooth to restore the appearance and function of that tooth. After healing, you can expect your dental crown to provide performance akin to what your healthy natural tooth would have done.

Your Dental Crown Is Fabricated Based on Measurements of Your Mouth

How does your dentist ensure that your tooth fits not only functionally and aesthetically, but also physically? Your dental crown is made using precise measurements from your actual mouth. Your dentist will use advanced imaging technology to create a complete model of your teeth, including the tooth opposite the one receiving the dental crown. That way, the fabricated crown will fit alongside the teeth next to it, and it will comfortably mesh with the tooth on top or bottom of it as you bite down.

Restorative Dental Treatment Gets Your Mouth Back to Normal

You know the feeling when there’s something off with your teeth. You may even get used to this feeling over time, but that doesn’t mean that your condition has gone away. Conditions like tooth decay and cracked teeth only get worse over time. To avoid more serious consequences, you should address your damaged tooth with restorative dental treatment as soon as possible. If you’ve got a severely damaged tooth, a dental crown may be able to restore the health and function of that tooth, allowing your bite to fit normally again.

Receive Restorative Treatment from Stubbs Family Dentistry

You want your teeth to last throughout your lifetime, and that’s possible even if your teeth become damaged. You simply need to seek restorative treatment quickly. If you want a dental crown that fits comfortably alongside your natural teeth, choose Stubbs Family Dentistry. To schedule an initial appointment with Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI, contact our office at 414-541-8250.