Fix Your Problem Tooth with a Dental Crown

Do you have a tooth that is always giving you trouble? It could be sensitivity, cavities, or just an ill-fitting shape. If you have a tooth that is giving you problems, it’s time to talk to your dentist. Teeth that cause you pain may be suffering from infection. It’s important to treat that infection quickly so that things don’t get worse. If it’s simply a matter of fit and appearance, your dentist can help with that too. Dental crowns are lifelike tooth restorations that fit over your tooth and correct a variety of issues. Size, shape, functionality, and appearance can all be corrected with a custom-fabricated dental crown.

A Dental Crown Allows a Damaged Tooth to Recover

The health of your teeth is directly tied to the longevity of those teeth. If you allow cavities to cause infection deep inside your tooth, you may eventually risk losing that tooth. For teeth that have been damaged by physical accidents or bacterial decay, a dental crown allows for recovery. Your dentist can treat and remove the infection in your tooth. Then, your custom dental crown will fit over the top of that tooth to protect it from further physical damage or returning bacterial infection. This can preserve your tooth for the future.

Dental Crowns Can Correct Problems with Fit

In addition to offering protection, dental crowns can also improve the esthetic and fit of a tooth. If your tooth is a strange shape, it can be distracting when you smile, and it can also disrupt your bite. Your dental crown is fabricated using precise measurements of your actual teeth. That means that the crown will fit comfortably alongside your neighboring teeth, and it will also connect cleanly with the tooth on the opposite side of it. This leads to a more comfortable bite, and it can reduce the amount of premature wear that ill-fitting teeth may experience.

Does Your Tooth Create a Distraction in Your Smile?

On top of the functional and restorative benefits of a dental crown, you’ll also enjoy an esthetic improvement. Teeth that need dental crowns have typically sustained some pretty serious damage. That damage can come in the form of holes, dark spots, or chips. These flaws will create  a distraction when you smile. A dental crown covers for all of those issues and gives your tooth a healthy, lifelike appearance. Your dental crown can even be treated specifically to match the color and appearance of your surrounding teeth.

Restore Your Teeth at Stubbs Family Dentistry

The health and appearance of your teeth are important. We want you to enjoy a beautiful smile that lasts throughout your lifetime. At Stubbs Family Dentistry, you’ll receive compassionate care that focuses on your physical and mental health. If a tooth is giving your problems, contact Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI at 414-541-8250.