Why Schedule Dentist Appointments Every Six Months?

Making time in your schedule for special appointments and obligations on top of your work schedule and home life isn’t easy. When you’re in charge of scheduling for the whole family, things get even trickier. It can be tempting to put some of those obligations on the back burner, or wonder how necessary they really are. It’s recommended that you schedule a dentist appointment for yourself every six months. In contrast, your doctor will typically only recommend a physical once per year. So, why is this timeline different? Do you really need to schedule dentist appointments every six months?

Scheduling Dentist Appointments Every Six Months Prevents Surprising Developments

You probably have your home care routine pretty well ingrained into your life at this point. You brush your teeth at roughly the same times each day. The same goes for washing your face or going for a run. The routine helps keep you on track. It also makes it difficult to integrate a new habit (like, let’s say, flossing). If nothing major changes in your daily routine, you and your dentist can know what to expect is happening at home. If you’re sticking to a routine that you and your dentist have agreed upon, and you schedule appointments every six months, this should prevent any surprising developments to the health of your teeth and gums from occurring.

Your Biannual Appointments Allow for Cleanings and Examinations

During your twice-a-year appointments, you’ll receive a professional cleaning. This cleaning reaches all of the surfaces and spaces in your mouth that are tough to get with your toothbrush (and floss). Plaque may build up in your mouth, but your hygienist can clean up those areas every six months, before serious damage can occur. Now, this type of timeline is still dependent on you taking proper care of your teeth at home. If you were to wait a year between appointments, these small pockets of bacterial buildup could lead to much bigger problems.

Most Dental Insurance Allows for Two Appointments Per Year

Another great reason to make biannual dentist appointments is that your insurance plan already covers this type of schedule! Most dental insurance packages cover two preventive visits per year, precisely because these visits prevent serious, costly conditions from developing. You don’t want to let these insurance benefits that you’re already paying for go to waste! Make sure you find time to schedule and attend two appointments per year.

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