Using Advanced Imaging for Preventive Dentistry

When you get the full picture, you understand things more clearly. You can evaluate a situation and choose the best course of action when you understand all of the angles. This is true in a figurative sense, and in a very literal sense. When your dentist understands everything happening inside your mouth, they can better administer preventive care that keeps your teeth and gums safe. Advanced imaging technology can give dentists the full picture. In today’s blog, we explore how advanced imaging technologies are changing the ability of dentists to provide preventive care.

Digital X-Rays Give a Clearer Picture than Previous Technology

Dental x-rays have existed for a long time. While they were an initial breakthrough in dental technology and care, there are better options available for dentists today. Digital dental x-rays provide a number of important advantages over traditional x-rays. For one, digital dental x-rays don’t involve any exposure to radiation, making them safer and more convenient for both the patient and dentist. Secondly, these x-rays offer a much higher resolution and quality for the dentist. They can be magnified, allowing your dentist to get a complete idea of what is happening to your teeth. Finally, digital x-rays are also easier to store and reference later. These advantages make this technology far superior.

Laser Cavity Detection Is Another Advanced Imaging Technology

Digital x-rays offer a huge advantage for dentists when it comes to looking at the structure and movement of your teeth. Laser cavity detection offers precision when it comes to diagnosing teeth. Measuring the fluorescence in your teeth can actually allow your dentist to discover even tiny cavities. Discovering cavities quickly prevents you from dealing with more significant problems in the future. If the cavity is very small, you may not even need a filling, or your filling may not necessitate sedation.

Getting the Full Picture with Advanced Imaging Allows Your Dentist to Act

Advanced imaging is valuable because it allows your dentist to take action sooner than they otherwise would. If your dentist notices a shift in your bite happening, they can recommend a solution like invisible aligners. If your teeth are wearing down quickly, it may be a sign of bruxism. The sooner your dentist is able to find and diagnose these problems, the sooner they can treat the condition or recommend preventive care.

Receive Advanced Treatment at Stubbs Family Dentistry

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