Does Every Cavity Require a Filling?

Cavities are the most common oral health issue that affects adults and children. Nearly everyone experiences a cavity at some point in their life. Cavities are created by bacteria producing acid on the surface of your teeth. As bacteria grow and multiply, they produce more acid. This acid wears away your enamel and eventually leaves a hole behind — a cavity. To repair this cavity, your dentist will most often administer a dental filling, but does that mean that every cavity requires a filling?

Fillings Repair Structural Damage to Your Tooth So that You Can Reliably Use It

Cavities are about more than just an issue with appearance, though the black spots that bacteria create definitely aren’t attractive. When your tooth has a hole in it, it doesn’t function the same way it normally would. Food may become stuck in the hole, and the hole can also create weak points in the tooth. This opens the tooth up to more damage potentially. That’s why fillings are so important. If your dentist removes the bacteria from your tooth, he or she will certainly want to restore the tooth with a filling.

For Severe Cavities, A Dental Filling May Not Be Enough

Every significant cavity needs to be filled, but sometimes a filling isn’t enough to completely restore the tooth. If a cavity has done so much structural damage to a tooth that a filling can’t repair it, your dentist may also want to use a dental crown to protect your tooth. A dental crown is fabricated to look like a natural tooth. This restoration fits around the exterior of your actual tooth, protecting it on all sides from physical harm and further biological damage. Crowns are used for their durability and lifelike appearance in a number of dental restorations.

Putting Off Treatment Can Make Problems Worse

If you’re worried about receiving a dental filling, you should know that it’s the only way to improve the condition of your tooth. Dental fillings restore teeth and allow them to function as they originally did. If you put off treatment for your cavity, your problems will get worse. Tooth decay can necessitate a dental crown eventually, and the infection can spread to other teeth. Taking action with a dental filling right away is the best method for preventing serious oral health issues.

Receive a Dental Filling at Stubbs Family Dentistry

You may not be excited about the prospect of a dental filling, but it’s the only way to halt the damage that tooth decay can do. The team at Stubbs Family Dentistry provides quality dental restorations in a professional care environment. You’ll receive high-end care from a team of experts. If you need a filling for your cavity, contact Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI at 414-541-8250.