How Can I Restore My Damaged Tooth?

Do you feel great about the state of your teeth? Many people experience some wear or infection in their teeth, and rather than making a dentist appointment, they wait for the problem to go away. This is a huge mistake! If you’re experiencing a problem with your teeth, you need to seek treatment as soon as possible. Many damaged teeth can be restored with proper care. However, the longer you do nothing, the more damage will be done, especially in cases of bacterial infection. In today’s blog, we cover how your dentist can restore your damaged tooth.

If You Have a Simple Cavity, Get a Filling Now to Avoid More Trouble

Cavities are the most common oral health issue that people experience. A cavity forms when bacteria build up and produce acid that eats away at your tooth’s enamel. The result is a hold in your tooth. The good news about this particular problem is that simple cavities are easy to treat. Your dentist can remove the bacteria and administer a dental filling to fortify the tooth. Dental resin, metal, or porcelain can restore your tooth nearly to its original state. Plus, tooth-colored options offer an esthetic repair as well.

Dental Crowns Can Restore Damaged Teeth and Prevent Future Damage

If you’re unfamiliar with dental crowns, these restorations are fabricated to look like and fit over your natural tooth. The crown restores the appearance of your original tooth and protects the damaged tooth from more physical and biological damage. Dental crowns are typically used when the damage to a tooth cannot be fully repaired by a dental filling. Sometimes, cavity damage is so severe that your dentist will recommend a dental crown in addition to a dental filling. If your tooth needs root canal therapy, or you have a dental implant, a dental crown may also be used in this case.

Root Canal Therapy Treats the Deepest Inner Part of the Tooth

The damage done to your teeth doesn’t only occur on the surface. Your teeth are connected to your jawbone by roots. These tooth roots have canals which carry blood vessels that run to other oral tissues. When bacteria gets into these canals, it can become a major problem. The infection can actually spread to other areas in your mouth and throat. In these cases, your dentist can administer root canal therapy (a procedure which accesses the tooth root, cleans out bacteria, and seals the tooth) to restore the damage.

Flynn Dentistry Offers Restorative Solutions for Damaged Teeth

In any case where your teeth have been damaged, the first step is always contacting your dentist. Your condition won’t improve until you take action. Stubbs Family Dentistry offer solutions like tooth-colored fillings, dental crowns, and root canal therapy to restore damaged teeth. Make your appointment today by contacting Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI at 414-541-8250.