How Can a Dentist Help Complete My Smile?

How Can a Dentist Help Complete My Smile?Have you unfortunately suffered the loss of a tooth or several, recently, either as the result of a dental problem or trauma involving your smile? If so, you might still be feeling overwhelmed about what you’re supposed to do now that your smile is incomplete. After all, adult tooth loss can be frustrating, embarrassing, and can also cause a great deal of concern. Fortunately, there are several prosthetic options, which can help to complete the smile both functionally and beautifully. So, if you are ready to address your tooth loss, and to get back to smiling again, it’s time to talk to your restorative dentist about how a prostheses could help you do just that!

Considering the Options for Smile Completion?

While dentures remain a popular way of restoring a smile, they are not the only option. Dental bridges and dental implants are great alternatives to traditional, unsupported dentures.

Dental bridges use crowns that are either affixed to remaining teeth, or held in place through the use of dental implants, to help hold a partial or full denture, or a single replacement tooth, in place. By doing so, bridges provide more security when chewing. The results are also natural-looking, thanks to the customizability of modern porcelain dental crowns.

Dental implants are the only prostheses that help to replace missing teeth and their corresponding roots, though, allowing for continued nutrient flow to the jaw, as well as a stable base on which a replacement tooth can be affixed. Though implants take longer to complete, initially, than any alternative form of prostheses, implants are also the longest-lasting form of smile completion.

For patients who want a lifelong solution to their tooth loss, implants are often the best option. Not only can they provide confidence and comfort while chewing, now, but they can also help to prolong the overall health of the smile, through stable support and the supplying of nutrients to the jaw.

Ready to Complete Your Smile?

Don’t settle for an incomplete smile when a prostheses could restore it. You can schedule a consultation with Flynn Dentistry, by calling Michael E. Flynn, DDS, in West Allis, WI today at 414-541-8250.