Can You Avoid Cavities with Simple Preventive Care?

Can You Avoid Cavities with Simple Preventive Care?Are you worried about your smile, namely whether or not you could soon find yourself struggling with dental problems like cavities? Over time, many people will find themselves dealing with acidic decay, like cavities. In fact, some studies indicate that nearly 90 percent of adults will have them in their lifetimes. Fortunately, cavities can be prevented. To do so just requires combining a few healthy habits at-home, with regular preventive checkups and cleanings, to keep the smile clean and healthy!

Don’t Forget to Brush and Floss

One simple way to protect the smile is by brushing and flossing the teeth on a daily basis. While most adults are consistent about brushing twice a day, few follow through with daily flossing as recommended by their dentist. Flossing is important because it can help to remove more of the bacteria that fall between teeth’s crevices. Unremoved, this bacteria can lead to dental decay as well as inflammation of the gums. So make sure to add flossing to your daily routine, if you really want to enjoy ongoing oral health.

Drink More Water and Less Sugar

Another surprisingly simple way to protect one’s smile, is by drinking more water and less sugary beverages like sodas and sweetened coffees and teas. Water helps the body to produce saliva, a natural defense against plaque buildup. It also helps to gently cleanse the teeth between brushings. Finally, water is essential to the whole body’s functioning and health, so reach for H20 throughout the day instead of sugary beverages, which can heighten your risk of cavities. (If you are going to drink a soda, or other sweetened beverage, do so with a meal, or through a straw, to limit your teeth’s exposure to the sugars.)

See Your Dentist Regularly

No matter how healthy your smile may seem, it is still important to see the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. These appointments allow the dentist to catch burgeoning issues quickly, and also to prevent problems in most cases. To best protect your teeth, dentists recommend having the teeth cleaned at least twice a year.

Do You Need a Checkup?

If your smile is overdue for a preventive appointment, call your dentist today. You can schedule a consultation with Flynn Dentistry, by calling Michael E. Flynn, DDS, in West Allis, WI today at 414-541-8250.