Smile Resolutions for Seniors

smile-resolutions-for-seniorsDo your thoughts turn to New Year’s Resolutions, as you say good bye to 2016, and welcome 2017? Perhaps you have a strong record of keeping your promises to yourself. Or maybe you are like most of use, with resolutions that have fallen by the wayside by February. Studies show that up to 90% of resolutions are abandoned. Sometimes they were too grandiose or too numerous or just too hard to track. May we suggest dental resolutions that can help us protect your senior smile from challenges?

Resolution #1: Schedule Checkups

Even if you have many years of experience in tooth care, we want to see you twice a year for routine checkups and cleanings. Our dental hygienists get a birds-eye view of your teeth, and we have dental technology, to peer into places our eyes can’t easily see. In addition, we perform health checks such as screening for oral, neck and throat cancer, which can develop at any age.

Resolution #2: Talk to Us

We don’t see our patients as just a set of teeth in mouth. We value the whole person, and we want to stay in touch. Please let us know when a medication changes, or a new health issue crops up. If you find your smile makes you look older, we may discuss the anti-aging aspects of whitening your teeth, and the appeal of a younger-looking smile. If you are anxious about a dental issue, we can give you more information, to help you make a decision, and put your mind at ease.

Resolution #3: Consider Dental Emergency Preparedness

Most of our senior patients are past needing mouthguards for contact sports, but there are other events that may qualify as a dental emergency. It might be a toothache that flares up suddenly and disrupts sleep. It might be a fall that knocks loose a permanent tooth. One great step in dental emergency preparedness: Post our office number in an easy-to-find-spot, or program the number into your phone.