Are You Suffering from a Dental Emergency?

Do You Need Emergency Dentistry?Have you been struggling with sensitivity recently when trying to enjoy your meals? Worse, are you suffering from dental pain? Did you suffer an injury to your mouth during a sporting event or other accident? Was one of your teeth chipped or cracked? Some people struggle to know when a dental problem is considered a dental emergency, and because of their confusion they may delay what could be tooth-saving restorative treatment. If you do suspect you are struggling with a dental problem or another oral health threat, it is time to consider how a restorative dentist could help you, and also why it is imperative that you seek treatment as soon as you suspect that you have a dental issue, rather than waiting and hoping the issue will get better on its own.

How a Restorative Dentist Can Help

It is important not to ignore any dental symptoms, and to seek treatment as soon as possible, if one suspects a dental problem is present. In the case of most dental issues, restorative treatment is the best way to help protect a fragile or damaged tooth, as well as to protect one’s overall oral health, as well.

Keep in mind that teeth are not like other parts of the body, in that they are not able to repair themselves the way skin can, for instance. For this reason, prompt restorative treatment is necessary to reverse oral health problems and to protect one’s smile.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs Your Smile Could Need Treatment

There are actually a number of problems that make prompt restorative treatment necessary. A few causes that would require emergency dentistry, include:

  • Severe aches or extreme pain, especially while chewing or drinking
  • Failing or lost dental fillings
  • Broken or lost dental crowns
  • Broken teeth
  • Abscessed teeth
  • Trauma to the mouth