The Advantages Of White Fillings

cfFor 150 years silver amalgam fillings were the most common dental filling used. But since their inception, worries regarding their mercury content marred their existence. Although they have proven to be stable and long-lasting, they still weren’t the “perfect” filling due to the mercury content, their color, and other issues. Since then, composite resin fillings have been developed and have become the filling of choice due to their esthetics. Composite resin filling is white and can blend with surrounding dentition. But the advantages of white fillings don’t end there.

What’s so Great about White Fillings?

Other than they are white and can be tinted to blend seamlessly with your natural dentition? White fillings have other advantages too. For instance:

  • Composite resin is a plastic compound modified with powdered quartz, glass, zirconium, silica, barium, and strontium. These fillers complement the plastic resin by adding strength, wear resistance, consistency, color, and translucency.
  • They are strong and durable
  • Blend with surrounding dentition
  • Do not require as much removal of natural tooth structure to accommodate the filling material
  • Bond directly to the tooth increasing the strength of the tooth

What’s not so Great about Silver Amalgam

Although silver amalgam fillings are still used, the majority of fillings placed today are composite resin. Silver amalgam fillings are feared to leak mercury. However, this claim has never been proven and hundreds of thousands of people are still walking around with silver fillings in their teeth. Silver amalgam fillings are not bonded, or cemented, to your teeth so they do not increase the strength of your tooth, or teeth. Because they are not bonded, they require the removal of more tooth structure to accommodate the filling material. They are also very noticeable, due to their color, even in back teeth.


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