Consistent Dental Exams Can Do More For You Than You Expect

Your commitment to good oral hygiene is important. On a daily basis, you should protect your smile by brushing and flossing thoroughly. At regular six month intervals, you should confirm that your smile is as healthy as you believe it to be by going in for routine dental care. At every dental exam, your West Allis, WI dentist will carefully study your teeth, gums, and oral structures for any issues that might require attention. In addition to doing this, we will help you avoid problems that can require restorative dentistry by providing a teeth cleaning that removes tartar buildup.

How Consistent Are You With Your Dental Checkups?

Unless your dentist has identified a reason for you to attend checkups on a different schedule, you should go in for routine care every six months. This gives you consistent protection against tartar buildup, and it limits the amount of time that a cavity will have to damage your enamel. In other words, people who stick to this routine are less likely to experience more advanced issues with their dental health.

Problems That Occur When You Stop Scheduling Regular Exams

While you can stop tartar from forming on your own, you cannot remove the substance after you have deposits on teeth. Patients who go without routine cleanings can face more oral health threats from their accumulated tartar buildup. That means they are more likely to need treatment for dental decay, and more likely to have a problem that demands periodontal care. If you let a cavity form and worsen without a checkup schedule, an infection can form and impact your dental health in a serious way. When caught in time, it is possible to restore an infected tooth through root canal therapy. Unfortunately, a cavity that does too much damage will make it necessary to remove and replace your tooth!

Arranging Restorative Treatment After An Issue Is Identified

If your dentist spots something wrong during an exam, the matter can be treated with the appropriate restorative dental work. This can mean more involved services, such as the placement of a dental crown after root canal treatment, but when a patient is regular with exams they can have a problem addressed before a cavity becomes this serious. Smaller cavities can be treated with conservative dental fillings that only occupy limited space on teeth.

Schedule Your Next Dental Exam At Our West Allis, WI Dentist’s Office

If you are not doing so now, you should make a point to consistently see your dentist for routine care. Regular services help you lower your risk for serious dental issues, and they give you important preventive support that will keep you from experiencing new problems! To find out more about how we can help you, please contact Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI at 414-541-8250.