Dental Implants Provide Relief for Patients

Missing teeth can create discomfort and inconvenience for patients who experience the condition. Tooth loss can be painful when it happens, and the emotional pain that follows is serious. You may experience discomfort when chewing, restrictions in the type of food you can eat, and social discomfort when meeting new people or taking photographs. In addition to relief from pain, you also want peace of mind. Dental implants are a prosthetic option that relieves physical pain, while also eliminating restrictions from your lifestyle.

Dental Implants Provide Relief from Physical Discomfort

Dental implants, first and foremost, relieve the physical and emotional stress that comes from tooth loss. Dental implants are biocompatible titanium posts that are surgically planted in your jawbone to replicate the effect of tooth roots. The implant serves as a base for a dental crown, which looks and functions like a natural tooth. The dental implant also holds the rest of your teeth in alignment, so that you don’t experience harmful and potentially painful shifting of your remaining teeth.

Dental Implants Get Rid of Frustrating Restrictions

If you’ve had a temporary dental crown before, you know that the experience can become a hassle. Your diet may become restricted to soft foods because you don’t want to dislodge the crown and cause the need for another appointment. You may be able to deal with this sort of restriction for a short time period in the name of a long-term solution, but when you lose a tooth, you’re looking at a potential lifetime of restriction. Dental implants are a strong, surgically placed solution, meaning they have the bite power to allow you to enjoy food with little-to-no restrictions.

You Deserve to Feel Confident in Your Smile

It can be easy to underrate how disruptive tooth loss is to your social life. When you have missing teeth, you may stop smiling as frequently because you’re uncomfortable with the appearance of your teeth. You may be less inclined to engage with people at parties or work events, because you don’t want others to notice your missing teeth. Dental implants give you a stable, long-term tooth replacement that allows you to feel confident and comfortable in social settings.

Discover Dental Implant Options at Stubbs Family Dentistry

Dr. Stubbs understands how frustrating tooth loss can be, and how valuable a long-term dental prosthetic can be. Dr. Stubbs has extensive training in the placement of dental implants, and he can help you rebuild your smile after tooth loss. Schedule a consultation for dental implants by contacting Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI at 414-541-8250.