Sugary Halloween Candy Poses Oral Health Risks

A night full of costumes and trick-or-treating is on the horizon for many people across the country, but Halloween also brings with it an important reminder about oral health. While the candy picked up during trick-or-treating can be a delicious, hard-earned treat, it can also contribute to cavity risks. Consuming lots of sugary candies and chocolates gives the bacteria on your teeth added fuel to grow and prosper. The bacteria can cause cavities when left unchecked, so it’s important to monitor candy consumption and adjust home teeth-cleaning activities accordingly.

Sugary Snacks, Like Candy, Allow Bacteria to Thrive

The bacteria in your mouth feed off of the food you consume. In some cases, they help you begin to digest your food, in other cases, the bacteria use food particles to grow and thrive. When bacteria consume the sugars in your mouth, they produce acid as a byproduct. This acid is harmful to your teeth, and the more bacteria grow, the more acid is produced. Eventually, the acid can wear a hole in the enamel of your tooth. This is what’s known as a cavity. Sticky, sugary snacks leave behind even more sugar for bacteria to consume, upping your cavity risk.

Make Sure You Monitor Your Children’s Candy Consumption

For kids, trick-or-treating can be a magical experience. It’s exciting to come home with a bounty of candy after traipsing around the neighborhood. To celebrate the haul, it can be tempting for kids to go to town on their stash that night. However, consuming too much candy not only produces a tummy ache, but it can also increase their cavity risk. Make sure that in the weeks following Halloween, your children aren’t overdoing it with the sweet snacks. You don’t want any cavities showing up in holiday photos!

You Can Also Adjust Home Cleaning Practices to Protect Teeth

If you want to be even more proactive about protecting your child’s teeth, you can encourage them to adjust their home cleaning practices around this time. Have your child brush their teeth right after they enjoy their candy. Cleaning away bacteria and the residue left behind by candy right after consuming said candy can drastically reduce the chances that bacteria form cavities. If you notice that your child is prone to developing cavities, you can encourage them to brush their teeth after all meals.

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