Why Would I Need Root Canal Therapy?

You may have heard the procedure “root canal therapy” referenced before, but you might not be sure what the treatment actually is. If your dentist is recommending root canal therapy for a tooth, it’s most certainly because you need it. Root canal therapy isn’t an elective procedure. In fact, in many cases, it’s the only way to save a tooth. When the roots of your tooth become infected, this can weaken the integrity of the entire tooth, eventually causing it to fall out. On this week’s blog, we explore when and why you would need root canal therapy.

If You Don’t Treat Cavities, the Bacteria Can Spread Deeper Into Your Tooth

Why would you need root canal therapy? Because the roots of your tooth — the parts of the tooth beneath the gums — have become infected. The same bacteria that cause cavities can spread deeper inside the tooth if you don’t remove the infection (this is why it’s so important to receive a dental filling right away). Once the bacteria reaches your root canals, it can even spread to other oral tissues, causing additional health issues.

Root Canal Therapy Cleans Out Infection from Inside Your Tooth’s Roots

Your dentist will use root canal therapy to extract this bacteria and fortify your tooth. He or she will make a small hole in the root of your tooth for access. Your dentist will then remove all bacteria from inside the tooth and fill in the tooth with a rubber-like substance. This filling fortifies the tooth since the acid from bacteria can weaken interior structure. Then your dentist will plug the hole to complete the therapy.

Root Canals Often Include Dental Crowns to Protect the Tooth

After completing root canal therapy on your infected tooth, your dentist will often want to place a dental crown over your tooth as well. Dental crowns are fabricated to match the shape of your existing tooth. They fit over the tooth and act as a protective barrier against bacteria and physical damage. This treatment can save a tooth when that tooth’s structure has been compromised by infection. Your dentist can determine whether your particular case needs a dental crown.

Do You Need Root Canal Therapy? Seek Treatment at Stubbs Family Dentistry

Root canal therapy is often the last line of defense for your tooth. Without this treatment, you may end up losing your tooth. Plus, infection from the root canals can spread to other areas in your mouth and head. If you’ve got a serious infection, seek treatment at Stubbs Family Dentistry. Dr. Stubbs and his expert team will make sure you receive the care you need. When you act in time, you can typically save your tooth. Make an appointment for a consultation with Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI by calling 414-541-8250.