You’re Missing More Than Just a Dental Appointment

Everyone is always trying to cram more into their schedule — it seems to be a product of modern life. Everyone stays busy all the time, so when you end up having to reschedule or cancel an obligation, it’s totally understandable. However, there are some appointments that need your prioritization. One example: Your dentist appointment. When you skip out on a dental appointment or continuously push it back, you’re missing out on more than just an appointment, you’re missing out on a chance to preserve the future of your oral health.

Regular Dental Appointments Are All About Preventive Care

Your dental appointment may feel like a simple enough experience (in fact, that’s the goal of your oral healthcare provider), but there’s a lot going on during each visit. Your dental hygienist thoroughly cleans your teeth and removes any plaque and tartar buildup. This halts the progress of cavity formation, which can significantly damage your teeth over time.

Your dentist will also be able to closely examine your teeth for any signs of wear or damage. This is your dentist’s opportunity to use his or her professional expertise to evaluate the health of your teeth and soft tissues. Spotting a problem early on allows for course correction before permanent damage occurs.

Your Dentist Can Also Administer Specific Preventive Treatment

Based on your demographic information and genetics, your teeth may be at risk for particular types of problems. Your dentist can administer specific preventive treatment during your visit to counteract these problems. Dental x-rays allow your dentist to take a more comprehensive view of your teeth. Fluoride treatment strengthens enamel and fortifies against wear — especially for younger patients.

Make Your Dental Appointment with Stubbs Family Dentistry

Some things are just too important to skip out on or reschedule. Don’t put your dental exam on the back burner. Dr. Stubbs and his team are prepared to provide you with the preventive care that you need to keep your teeth healthy and strong for the future. Make your dental appointment with Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI by calling the office at 414-541-8250.