Is an Abscess the Cause of Your Pain?

Tooth pain can be maddening. It crops up suddenly and hampers your ability to eat and enjoy the food you love. Tooth pain can strike in the middle of the night and ruin your restorative sleep. When you’ve got serious tooth pain you want to remedy the situation right away. The first step in getting rid of the pain is determining the source of the problem. If you’ve got an issue with a cavity, an abscess may be the cause of your tooth pain. Abscesses form as a complication from infection. When tooth pulp dies and becomes inflamed, an abscess can form and cause pain at sudden intervals.

Treatment Options for Abscessed Teeth

The pulp of your tooth is the inner-most, vulnerable part of your tooth. When the pulp becomes infected, it can cause you all kinds of problems. All of those treatment options involve cleaning the bacteria out of your canal. If you have an abscess, you’ll likely need a root canal or surgical procedure. Your dentist or endodontist can shape and fill your clean root to ensure that no further infection works its way inside. Then, a crown can be added to cover the exposed area and protect it.

Be Sure to Prevent Abscesses in Your Mouth

An abscess presents a time-consuming and painful problem. The best way to avoid having to deal with an abscess is by taking preventative measures. Keeping your teeth and gums clean with regular flossing and brushing will prevent bacteria buildup that causes most major dental health issues. Be sure to clean around the base of the tooth as well as the surfaces to achieve a complete clean. If you start to notice any signs of decay, deal with them right away to avoid bigger issues.

Dr. Stubbs Can Help with Your Abscess

Dr. Stubbs is an experienced professional who can provide a range of restorative treatment options to get your teeth back to their best and brightest. If you have noticed pain in your gums or while chewing, schedule an appointment with Dr. Stubbs to determine the best course of action. Contact Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI at 414-541-8250 to get rid of your dental pain.