Why Are Dental X-rays Important?

Everyone wants to take care of their teeth. The better you treat your teeth, the longer they will last, and the easier your life will be. If you stay up on your dental health, you probably brush your teeth, floss, and use fluoride treatments consistently. During your regular visits to the dentist, you probably even have x-rays done. Have you ever wondered why x-rays are a part of the routine? In other medical applications, x-rays are typically only used when you suspect something is wrong. However, dental x-rays may be taken every six months or couple of years as part of ongoing care. So why are dental x-rays so important?

Dental X-rays Show Important Areas You Can’t See

Since your teeth are inside your mouth, they’re hard to see. That may go without saying, but it influences how you care for them. You have to brush and floss difficult-to-reach places to keep them clean. That’s the purpose of dental x-rays as well. Dental x-rays give your dentist the ability to see parts of your mouth that aren’t normally visible. Seeing beneath your teeth, the roots of your gum, and inside your teeth can help your dentist catch potential problems that could otherwise go unnoticed.

Different Dental X-rays Offer Different Views

X-rays can be considered a set of tools for dentists. Depending on the job, a different tool may be needed. Most often, a combination of tools helps get the job done right. Bitewings capture the crown portion of your tooth and help your dentist spot any irregularities that may increase your risk for cavities. Periapical x-rays on the other hand provide a closer look at root tips and bone height. Your dentist can determine the best x-ray for a given situation.

Is it Time for Your Regular X-Rays?

If you can’t remember the last time you had a dental x-ray taken, it’s probably time for another round. The Dr. Stubbs Dentistry team uses the latest in x-ray technology to get the most out of your visit. Digital x-rays provide better resolution and detail so that your dentist can spot even small cavities developing. Digital x-rays are also easier to store, so your dental history can be recorded for future use. To schedule an appointment for x-rays contact Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI at 414-541-8250.