Enjoy A Beautiful Restoration with a Modern Dental Filling

Enjoy A Beautiful Restoration with a Modern Dental FillingHas it been months since you were able to really enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, without dental discomfort getting in the way? When was the last time you were able to share a dessert on date night without tooth pain making it feel less like a treat and more of a fright? Many people feel tempted to ignore heightened sensitivity and even discomfort, hoping the issue will simply resolve itself. Unfortunately, teeth are strong but unable to heal themselves the way the skin can, for instance. So the longer you delay treatment for a potential dental problem, like a cavity, the more likely extensive treatment may become necessary. The good news is that when dental sensitivity is addressed promptly, it can often be corrected with minimally invasive restorative treatment like a dental filling!

When Is Restoration Necessary?

While some sensitivity when enjoying particularly hot or cold beverages is not necessarily cause for a concern, if the sensitivity seems heightened, has become uncomfortable, or seems isolated to a single tooth, it could be a warning sign of enamel erosion, like that characteristic of a dental cavity.

Deep discoloration is another common indicator of a cavity.

Regular dental checkups and cleanings can help dentists determine if there are problems, early on, when minimally invasive treatment should still be effective at restoring your comfort and preventing infection.

What Do Modern Fillings Look Like?

While metal fillings were once most common, many dentists now recommend more natural-looking fillings made of tooth-colored composite resin. This material bonds tightly with teeth, creating a great protective seal, but it also provides obvious cosmetic benefits as well, since it can be carefully crafted to look like the surrounding teeth, for a nearly seamless smile solution.


Can You Enjoy a Natural Restoration?

If you suspect that your smile could be in need of restorative dentistry, don’t delay seeking help. A restorative dental visit could likely help improve your comfort, and your confidence as well. If you’re in need of restorative dentistry, call Michael E. Flynn, DDS, in West Allis, WI today at 414-541-8250.