Why Seniors Can’t Skip Dental Care

why-seniors-shouldnt-skip-dental-careThere are benefits to having been around for a while. You probably are better at taking things in stride. You might enjoy more time to travel or to pursue your interests or hobbies. It’s nice to have experiences to look back on, and to apply to new situations. Age doesn’t mean you can stop taking care of your teeth, however. Keeping your natural teeth, for as long as possible, is usually the most comfortable and least expensive option. Routine preventive care for senior teeth makes sense for many reasons.

5 Notes About Senior Teeth

They Have Been Around Longer: Teeth are strong, but 60 or 70 years or more can put stress on any body part. Regular checkups can catch cracks or cavities early. Routine checkups also allow us to discuss options such as dentures or bridges, if there come a time when they could add to your quality of life.

No One Is Perfect: Teeth are affected by smoking and using tobacco products of any kind. We check for signs of oral cancers at every checkup. Surface discoloration can be helped with whitening procedures.

It’s Not As Easy to Brush: Arthritis can affect grip strength. Low vision or less steady hands can affect the ability to brush and floss well.

A Dry Mouth Is Hard on Teeth: Teeth benefit from the cleansing action of saliva. Many medications can have dry mouth as a side effect. Sipping water can help, as can artificial saliva solutions. Keep your doctor and dentist informed if you have dry mouth as a side effect of taking any medication.

Natural Thirst Lessens with Age: Water helps rinse food particles from teeth. Without the natural affect of thirst, seniors may skip hydration. Try small glasses throughout the day, especially during meals and after eating.