Which Dental Prosthetic Is Right for You?

Which Dental Prosthetic Is Right for You?You know that you need to complete your smile, quickly! After all, it is embarrassing to be an adult with a noticeable gap between two of your teeth, and an incomplete smile can also make it difficult to chew comfortably. However, it can sometimes be difficult determining just what prostheses is going to be the best fit for your smile. If you feel stuck, in choosing how to go about completing your smile, there are some helpful questions to ask your dentist, that can help the two of you determine the best prosthetic for you.

What Are Your Primary Concerns with Treatment?

If your primary concern is addressing the tooth loss quickly, then you may favor dentures or even dental bridges, as a prosthetic choice. If cost is your most important consideration, you may also wish to consider dentures, which are the most affordable, initially. That said, dental implants are often a better long-term investment in one’s smile, and certainly the most stable form of prosthetic. So if you are looking for a solution that will last for many years, comfortably, and will look natural, an implant could be ideal!

What is your current state of oral health?

A healthy smile is essential when choosing a dental implant. That’s because dental implants require oral surgery, to place the post that’s used to anchor the replacement tooth. Dental bridges and unsupported dentures do not require such invasive measures. That said, it is always important to understand and address the cause of tooth loss, in order to prevent loss of further teeth.