Can a Dental Crown Help You Smile Again?

Can a Dental Crown Help You Smile Again?Has it been many years since you first required restorative dentistry like a dental crown? If so, you may still think of dental crowns as metal restorations that are easily spotted, and perhaps even ones that can cause sensitivity while chewing. Fortunately, modern dentistry has changed what it means to wear a dental crown, by providing more seamless and comfortable solutions for treating both damaged teeth and even coping with tooth loss. So if you might be in need of restoration, or are looking for a natural and confidence-inducing way to complete your smile, it is time to learn more about what a porcelain crown could do for you!

Ways a Crown Can Be Used to Complete Your Smile

Many people think of dental crowns primarily as restorative treatment, and that could be because they are one of the most versatile forms of restoration available. Crowns can successfully be used to help protect teeth after deep cavities, root canal treatment, chips and cracks. They provide a seal against bacteria, helping to prevent infection, and help bear the brunt of chewing in order to protect fragile teeth.

However, crowns are not just ideal for restorations of damaged teeth. Crowns can also be wonderful forms of prosthetic dentistry. Through the use of dental bridges and dental implants, dental crowns become a wonderful way to complete a smile after tooth loss, in a way that both looks and feels natural!

Dental bridges actually anchor fake teeth in place through the use of partial crowns, affixed to remaining teeth. Dental implants can be used with complete crowns to address tooth loss, in a stable and seamless way.