3 Things You Should Know About Tooth Loss

what everyone should know about tooth lossLosing teeth isn’t something that everyone has to experience, but enough people do that addressing it has become a significant part of modern dental care. When a tooth is lost, its absence can have far-reaching effects for the rest of your oral health and your overall quality of life.

Despite how often it occurs, though, you should know that tooth loss is highly preventable in most cases. With good hygiene and good attendance at your checkup and cleaning appointments, you can prevent most of the issues that lead to tooth loss and better preserve your healthy, beautiful smile.

1. What Causes Tooth Loss

Teeth can be lost for a number of reasons, such as accidental trauma that knocks them out of their sockets. The most frequent cause, however, is dental disease – particularly, gum disease. Long before tooth loss becomes a threat, gum disease can slowly erode your periodontal tissues and jawbone structure, which support your teeth. If you can prevent gum disease, or treat it quickly once it develops, then you have a high chance of preventing tooth loss.

2. How to Prevent Tooth Loss

So how do you prevent gum disease and other tooth loss-causing dental issues? Since plaque and tartar are the foundations of such issues, keeping up with good hygiene and regular visits to your dentist can go a long way in dental disease prevention.

3. What to Do After Tooth Loss

If you do happen to lose a tooth, whether by accident or by not treating a dental issue in time, then you can still have hope of enjoying a full, beautiful smile. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, your dentist can recommend an appropriate treatment option, such as dental implants, to replace your lost teeth.