Do You Qualify For Dental Implants?

shutterstock_100424281Dental implants have changed the way lost teeth are restored. They’re the only restoration method that can restore the complete functionality of your natural tooth – including continuing to stimulate your jawbone, maintaining its growth and shape. But, in order to do that, they’re placed directly into your gum tissue until they reach the jawbone. Then, they go through a process (known as osseointegration) where they fuse directly with the bone – so, how do you qualify for dental implants? There are a few things that your dentist may look for, starting with bone density, gum health, and your commitment to your overall oral health.

How To Qualify For Dental Implants

  • Smoking:

Don’t do it! Smoking cigarettes greatly decreases your chances for a successful dental implant. When an implant is rejected, it can fall out completely – or become loose – and you may need to undergo the procedure to have it placed once again. Your best bet is to quit smoking, or don’t ever start.

  • Dental Infection:

Specifically gum disease, can affect the success of your implant as well. If you’re suffering from advanced periodontitis, your dentist will likely recommend an alternative restoration method (and treatment, of course) until your mouth is completely healthy.

  • Bone Density:

Last, but certainly not least, bone density plays a huge role in the success of dental implants. Without it, your implant won’t have enough bone to fuse with.

If You Don’t Qualify At First, Can You Qualify Later On?

Yes, absolutely! If you don’t have adequate bone density or are suffering from advanced gum disease now, your dentist can help you to treat your infection or build up your bone to help you qualify in the future. A common procedure that’s performed for people who don’t have enough bone density to hold a dental implant is bone grafting – it may actually be necessary in order to maintain your bone health and shape.

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