Save Face With These Bad Breath Cures

woman looking for bad breath curesWhen you don’t realize that your breath is bad, the reactions of those around you can be as surprising as they are embarrassing. Once you do know, however, it can prompt you to take steps to eliminate it; but, what do you do if your bad breath doesn’t go away? If you’ve upgraded your hygiene routine and tried several bad breath cures, but your breath hasn’t improved, then your best bet is to visit your dentist to determine where the problem lies.

A Little Investigative Work

Halitosis (chronic bad breath) can be caused by several different complex issues; it can be a symptom of a dental health issue; or it can simply be the compounded result of poor hygiene. When your breath is bad enough to require professional attention, treating it requires finding the cause. Often, breath can be tainted by excessive deposits of oral bacteria—typically on the tongue—that release foul sulfur compounds as they grow and multiply. In these cases, fresher breath can be achieved by keeping your mouth cleaner than you have been.

Taking Back Control

  • Morning breath is sort of a precursor to halitosis. When you sleep, your saliva flow slows, and in the absence of the moisture, oral bacteria can flourish. Normally, eating breakfast and brushing your teeth should kick start your saliva flow and wash away the accumulated bacteria.
  • Every time you brush and floss your teeth, be sure to clean your tongue with your toothbrush or a tongue scraper. Bad breath bacteria tend to cling to your tongue’s surface, and if you don’t remove them, then brushing your teeth alone may not be enough to keep your breath fresh.
  • When you’re thirsty, or experience slight dry mouth, drink water and milk instead of sports drinks, sodas, or fruit juices. Water naturally rinses away oral bacteria and keeps your mouth hydrated longer by promoting a healthy saliva flow. Milk also helps rinse away bacteria, and also contains calcium, phosphate, and other nutrients needed to keep your teeth and oral structures healthy.


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