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When I was 30 years old, the standard procedure for dental hygienists to clean teeth was to use toothpaste and mix in pumice, a sand-like material. Then they would take a rubber tipped rotary brush and clean a person's teeth. The result was that most of the enamel on my bottom front teeth was worn away. I would get my teeth cleaned and 3 weeks later they would need cleaning again because of coffee stains and smoking.

The only remedy was to replace four of my bottom front teeth with a four-tooth porcelain/metallic bridge held in place by two titanium dental implants. This was done in my 40's. Porcelain is a much harder material than original teeth and over the years the back of my four upper front teeth had become so worn thin that they were in danger of breaking off at the gum line. To fix that problem I would then need individual tooth implants which today cost around $4000 each.

I asked my regular dentist what can be done to fix this and was told nothing could be done.

My wife suggested I get a second opinion. She was getting her teeth cleaned at Stubbs Family Dentistry. I met with Dr. Yvonne Stubbs three months ago. I found her to be very conscientious and competent with 21 years of experience after receiving her DDS degree from Marquette University School of Dentistry. She said my problem could be corrected by putting porcelain / ceramic crowns on five of my upper front teeth. These would stand up to the bottom porcelain bridge and not wear away.

The day my five tooth stubs were crowned I came home and my wife took one look and said my teeth looked like they did when we were 19 and met in college. We are both very pleased with the results. We are now 84 years old.

Thank you Doctor Stubbs. I so appreciate the advances in medicine and dentistry over the years. I have had 15 tooth implants in the last 25 years and haven't had a tooth filled for at least 10 years. Implants don't decay.

Glenna and I are in excellent health. It is such a blessing to wake up in every morning feeling great and raring to go. Life is good.

Give Doctor Stubbs office a call the next time you need dental assistance. You will be glad you did, just like I was. 414-541-8250. (She is now my "regular'' dentist.)

John V.

My husband Bill developed a bad toothache recently. During his whole time at Dr Stubbs' office he said that he felt very safe & comfortable. He was so well cared for that he felt a sincere sense of warmth and love. We strongly recommend Dr Stubbs to all our friends and neighbors.

Karen Z.


Professionalism, Trust and Caring are important to me.
Dr. Stubbs, her assistant Tamara exceed those expectations. They go above and beyond, they are kind, comforting and very personal. The Hygienists, Nancy, Vicki, and Jeannie are very thorough and informative. The office staff, Stephanie and Jackie are welcoming, friendly and helpful answering questions and providing an atmosphere of concern and caring.

Gary L.

For one reason or another I hadn't been to the dentist in over 3 years. The hygienist was super friendly, and did a great job making my smile look nice again. For as much cleaning as my teeth needed, nothing was too painful. Everything was super clean and COVID precautions are in place. Scheduled to go back in May!

Rob A.

The crown that was put in recently this year came apart after normal hours. Again, Dr Stubbs was very gracious, did not hesitate to meet me at her office to fix the problem. It was a long evening for her, but she was reassuring even though it ate into her evening with family. She did an excellent job, as always. I am so very glad that she is my dentist. I would recommend her to everyone!

Susan P.

Great dentist. Dr Stubbs is gentle and down to earth. After having a bad experience with a previous dentist, Dr stubbs and her entire office made it a wonderful transition.

Amy O.

Always attentive to detail and patient comfort. Great with kids!

Sue K.

If you want a friendly staff and dentist than this is your place! Dr. Stubbs is very meticulous and thorough. He is also a bit of a perfectionist. These are all qualities I like about him as a dentist. I know he is taking care of my oral health and I trust him. He is slowly reversing lots of damage to my teeth. I would recommend him to anyone! His receptionist Stephanie is friendly and personable as well. Great people. UPDATE: Dr. Stubbs now runs the practice and I have seen her several times to continue repairing my damaged teeth! She is wonderful! She takes her time, is super attentive and goes above and beyond for my oral health! Her assistant Tamara is also a joy to be around and they are both fun to talk to. They make being at the dentist a bit more enjoyable! My husband and son are now also seeing Dr. Stubbs. Thank you all for being so awesome!

Love I.

I have been with dr. Stubbs for a few years. Best and most honest dentist I ever had. I recommend her to everyone I know who is looking for a new dentist. Thank you for everything you’ve done to help me!

Nike D.

A-1, 5-star all the way! We didn’t realize what a case I was going to be when I first visited Dr Flynn’s office. We all thought “simple, standard procedure”. Well, let me tell you I was nothing but simple. And through a long period of trial and error Dr Flynn and the lab were finally able to manufacture a very satisfying result! Even when things got frustrating, and we had to go to plan B and plan C, there was always a smile on Dr Flynn’s face. He was always looking for a successful outcome for me. Rene (his right and left hand assistant) is a true gem and certainly knows her trade. Over time we got to know each other and shared family and friends stories. I really like her. Stephanie, the office manager, is polite and pleasant to work with and eager to schedule an appointment around your schedule. Another “keeper”. Needless to say, I am very grateful for the time, energy, and patience Dr Flynn and his staff put in for me; love my new smile, and am highly recommending Dr Flynn for all your dental needs.

Claire M.

I moved to Florida 20 years ago. Before I left I received veneers on 6 upper teeth. One was a crown. Dr Mike did a wonderful job. After 20 years my crown and veneers look beautiful.

Joyce S.

I have been a patient for many many years. I love the attention to detail that Dr Flynn gives to my dental needs. I love that I can sit back, relax and know that i will get a quality service. His hygienist is really informative and through,. I love a great non rushed cleaning. She has even gotten me to floss now! The staff is professional, and I love that they stand behind their work so you are completely satisfied.


Through a suggestion, I went to see Dr. Stubbs for a broken tooth. I was looking for someone who was located closer to where I worked. My appointment was made for 9/23/2019. The results were amazing. Both Dr. Stubbs and his assistant explained everything they were doing and why a crown was needed. They made the experience pleasant and pain free and treated you like you were a part of their family. Dr. Stubbs is very meticulous and spends the necessary time needed to make sure you are comfortable but more importantly the procedure is done properly. I enjoyed my experience very much and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a dentist to visit with Dr Flynn and his staff.

Steve M.